October 23, 2013

Christian Living: What I SHOULD do!

This past Sabbath, my pastor shared an incredible message on faith.
It was a message that I had been praying for. Truthfully, I almost didn't go to church but I read a quote a few days before that was pretty convicting: 

"Don't let anything keep you out of church today that wouldn't keep you out of work on Monday."

I can appreciate the sentiment and so I went to church. 

The sermon was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I was sitting in the fellowship hall taking notes like crazy. The sermon was based in Mark 9: 17-24 where a man needed deliverance for his demon-possessed son. I just want to share two critical points for us to remember as we figure out life and faith. 

1. Your face/reflection/countenance should never reflect your circumstances. Your face should reflect your God. How can this happen? Take EVERYTHING to God in prayer and make sure you are getting your DAILY bread. Make sure you talk to Christ daily and get in the Word daily. 

2. Never underestimate a seed. The seeds (habits, practices) you plant today can morph into a giant powerful tree. Make sure you are planting the right seeds. Plant seeds of faith, discipline, positivity, beauty, love, diligence and endurance. 

Tony Robbins is one of my favorite motivational speakers. When it comes to changing your life for the better, I've heard him share the difference between what we should do and what we must do.   He says that we always know what we should do. The problem is that we don't turn those "shoulds" into "musts" so we end up "SHOULDing" all over ourselves (haha, get it?) (his words not mine) . Make sure that reading the word of God, being in constant prayer, and planting the right seeds are habits that you MUST do and you will succeed! 

God bless you!


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