About me: 
Hi! My name is Dani and I'm a Pinterest-a-holic! I am not looking to recover either! :)
I'm a super right- brained girl who's learning to accept it.  I'm a sucker for a hot cup of tea and good conversation. I am in love with blogging, music, reading, dance and anything else that grows me into a more passionate creator. I admire morning people and document my quest to become one.  I am a Christian who loves Jesus and wants to help others get to know Him too. Anthropologie makes my heart skip a bit but puts my wallet on life support. So, I don't go often. I feel funny calling myself a vegetarian since I still eat fish. 

    About the blog: 
    The purpose of the Dream Something Up blog is to serve as a mirror to my creative self. It's been said that every writer should have a blog because is a chance to endorse expression of thought and/or feeling on a public platform. Effective expression of thought is important for the writer I strive to be but passion is the lifeblood behind the type of person I strive to become. So, I'm ready to actively learn, pursue, and explore my faith, passions, interests, and share with whosoever will read! 

    Three cheers for the journey of dreaming something up!