December 5, 2011

mon{diy}day: Custom Dry Erase Board

I haven't done a DIY project in a while and honestly, I've been making things but I've been totally forgetting to post them on here. I found this dry erase board idea on another blog. I can't remember the name but I was so impressed with how simple it was that I decided I would do it myself one day! Well, the day has come and gone. I made this board maybe two months ago?!? It's been a while. However, I had a blast doing it. 

I went to Michaels and purchased a picture frame (you can def. get them cheaper elsewhere. I was just being lazy). I used a scrapbooking frame in this instance but you don't need all that. I purchased an interesting piece of scrapbooking paper, dry erase markers, as well as sticky letters & numbers.

This project took me all of five minutes to make. It's really really easy to stick the letters on, snap the newly designed scrapbooking paper back into the glass frame and actually use it. I love that instant gratification! :)

Here are pics of the finished product:

Can't forget those dry erase markers :)

Nice project! Lots of fun to personalize the background so easily and have such a jazzy dry erase board! Fun! Fun! Fun!


  1. So cool!! I will definitely have to try this for both Samiyah and I! It will be a nice craft/mommy and me project!!

  2. this has GOT to be the best thing ever!!!!!!!!

  3. I love easy diy projects and this one is a must try! New to your blog and am now following.

  4. @Kenda- Yay!! That'll be fun!!!
    @Amber- I can't wait to see how you do yours!! & Thanks!!
    @Mae- Thank you, Natural Chica!!! :)
    @Chandra- This is certainly a quick and easy! I love it! Thanks for following!! :)

  5. hey can you show us how big you made it? like a dollar bill comparison? (or a hundred dollar bill if you ballin! lol)