February 11, 2014

Becoming a Morning Person Pt. 2

I've been working on waking up to the tune of 5am.
My goal is to consistently wake up at 4 am without the help of an alarm.
I want my body to naturally be ready to wake up at 4 am. So this involves a few things:

1. I need to go to bed earlier.
2. Laying in bed for a few more minutes is a major no-no.

So my experience has been a little tragic recently because even though I am successfully getting up, I am exhausted. I've been getting into bed by 11 pm which is not toooo bad but I will stay up answering emails, pinning on Pinterest and watching YouTube videos later than 11pm. Shame on me, I know.

I'll wake up at 5am but within a few hours of being at work, my eyes are rolling around in the back of my head and I literally STRUGGLE to keep my eyelids open. It's crazy. I had this issue a couple years ago and I purchased a couple bottles of 5 hour energy to drink as needed. It helped but I don't want to do that this go-round.

Suggested Solution:
Take those things that keep you up late unneccesarily (tv, emails, social media, shopping, etc.) to a designated time slot in the early morning.

I love Pinterest and if I know I have a designated time slot for it in the morning, it will encourage me to go to bed and anticipate waking up to get my creative caffeine for the day. When it's time to get out of bed, GET OUT OF BED. Designate a spot in your house where you can get to work and make a bee line for it. If you don't have a spouse or child still in the bed when you get up, make the bed. When the bed is made, it'll be less tempting to get in it.

Just remember that the work you put in today may not pay off immediately tomorrow but you're investing in yourself. To see a return on investment, you may have to put in some work. It's worth it though. Take it all one day at a time. Before you know it, 4 am will be your best friend!

You can do it! Stay tuned for more updates & lessons I learn in becoming an early riser!
Thanks for reading!
God bless you!

- dani


  1. Greats tips! I used to be an early riser, but marriage and kids have required some adjustments to my sleep schedule. Still, I especially like the idea of using something you love (for you, Pinterest) as a a reward for waking up early and as "creative caffeine" for the day.

    1. Thanks and yes, Pinterest is such a great reward for me too!

  2. i admire you for getting up sooooo early boo! i need to heed your advice boo b/c it's a real sckruggle! hahaa

    1. The struggle is real but you know the saying, "suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret!"