September 22, 2011

Product Review:::Lush Sexy Peel Soap:::

It's a brilliant blend of lime, orange, and lemon peels mixed with essential oils and juices. I love a lot of homemade/handmade products so a store with a handmade concept like Lush, makes me swoon. While I love handmade soaps, I also love all things citrus. This soap is those two loves combined. I sometimes use this soap in the morning when I need a wake-me-up moment. The citrus scent is incredibly invigorating. It lathers pretty well too. I just wish that the soap bar didn't shrivel up so quickly. Within two or three washes, half the bar is gone! I'm not a fan of that, but once you get the wonderful smell in the shower, you tend to savor the sweet aromas instead of loathe the fact that they'll be gone in a few washes. Below is the link showing EXACTLY how they make it. I might have to try this one day :)

1 comment:

  1. thank you lush for showing me ur secrets...I'll be building a knock off lush lab in the morning on the porch...i'll call it plush lol...