November 14, 2011

Product Review:::Burt's Bees Pore-Refining Mask with French Green Clay:::

Burt's Bees Pore-refining mask w/ French Green Clay- My! What a long name! When I first started more experimentation with products, I knew that I didn't want to do too much with my facial products. There are some areas where I like to keep consistency. My face is one of those places. I'd been looking for a face mask for a quite a few years though. I'd try one for a couple months to a year and then give up for a while. I might have come across done on YouTube for this product but I really do love it. It comes in powder form which is kind of cool. Based on your skin type, you can mix different liquids (like tomato juice or carrot juice) in to work at its' greatest potential for your skin. I really like that. There's a bit of a peppermint/menthol feel to it when it's working. Your skin will feeling tighter and tighter while it's on your face. However, when you take it off, the skin feels so smooth, fresh, and clean. I don't know the science behind facial pores but I do know that mine were smaller afterward.
Verdict: It's a great product! I have NO complaints. I like it a lot! :)


  1. Definitely gonna check that out! Never done a mask before!!

  2. NICE! It's really great how you can personalize it based on your skin type! I think you'll like i!