November 10, 2011

Product Review: Proclaim Hair Oil Treatment with Argan Oil

I grew up in Maryland but since 2005, I was living in the South. So, after moving back to Md in 2010, my hair, skin, and scalp reacted negatively to the move. It's a battle to keep everything moisturized. On top of being moisturized, I like for my natural hair to have a bit of a shining quality to it. Vain, I know. So, I've been trying different oils for my hair to see if I can get it to have a sheen to it after it faces the elements. When I was little, my hair used to have a pretty sheen to it. I figured it was something in the oils my mom used.  Proclaim's Hair Oil treatment is supposed to provide shine and eliminate frizz. I bought this one at Sally's. I must say this hair oil treatment is actually not half bad. When I first applied it to my hair after I blow-dried it, it smelled nice but felt too thick and synthetic. However, once I twisted my hair and let it sit overnight, my hair felt so soft, light and bouncy in the morning. I decided to use it on one side of my head to see the difference it would make. In the last picture, you can see the difference. One side is full, thick, and shiny. The other side looks a little parched and frizzy. This is probably a product I'll use in the colder months. Overall, I like it! :)


  1. Wow, I definitely need to try that! DO you think all Argan oils work this well or is it this special treatment?

  2. @Vanessa- This was actually my first Argan Oil product. I've heard mixed reviews on Argan oil. I think I'd prefer trying a product that has more argan oil in it before giving argan oil the "two thumbs up" as this one has argan oil mixed with other ingredients. Looks like I'll have to get another review going :) btw, just checked out your blog. very very cute! :)