September 21, 2011

It's the Simple Things (Gratitude PhotoJournal):

Since this is my first gratitude journal since I've been back from vacation, be prepared to see many photos from my trip. My gratitude is through the roof with that blessing! :) One of my best friends and I hung out in Isla Roatan, Honduras for the day and at one point, we got hungry (makes sense, right?). A lot of the locals suggested we go to Lighthouse Cafe. It was on the water. The view was impeccable. My blackened red snapper burger was delectable. More importantly, I was really appreciative of the owner/chef's story. He came over and shared his story with us. Originally from Isla Roatan, he moved to Seattle, Washington over 20 years ago. He worked in business but always knew that his passion was cooking and he'd want to own a restaurant in Honduras. He came back and did (a man of his word). No matter how long it takes, keep pushing toward your dreams. A lot of those dreams that are worthwhile don't usually come to fruition instantaneously. Whatever that dream is, commit it to God and be faithful. 

We've gone from Honduras straight to Washington, DC. There's something about the food and drinks at Pret that tastes so fresh. I absolutely love anything I get from there. I also appreciate the extra effort to make things more fresh. The more I read books like Food Rules or watch interviews with vegans and raw foodies on YouTube, the more I realize a lot of what we're eating is not real food. It's not an easy road but we've got to make a change as a country before everyone dies of obesity!!

Today is the first day of fall so it's time to hang up my summer playlist and make a new one for fall. One of my favorite pastimes is getting in my car, plugging up my usually dying ipod, and singing the stress away. I don't have to sound good or hit the right notes. I can just be free. This song is one of my favorites from my summer playlist. I just might carry it over into fall. We'll see. I usually can't keep up with Kim but I'm a shoe-in for the background gig :)

I'm losing weight! :) That's something I'm grateful for. I've been steadily gaining for the past couple years. The reason was because of hormones but now that my hormone levels are steadily getting back to normal, the weight is coming off without exercising for 2 hours and eating nothing but oatmeal and protein all day. I'm VERY grateful for that. BUT, I think that the meds I'm on are changing my taste buds. Me eating lettuce by choice? That's a miracle to be documented. I normally only buy spinach and will eat lettuce if I'm at a potluck or something but not by choice. I'm grateful for an increased desire for lettuce. Maybe one day I'll like beets *shrugs*

 No matter WHAT you're dealing with, take comfort in a God who really does care: 

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  1. Tell me why i definitely clicked on this b/c of that delicious looking meal!!! hahah i was lured by the fries! (may the good Lawd help me!).

    And i must comment on one of your sentences. I think you should delete it b/c of it's improper syntax, grammar and additional words. "I don't have to sound good or hit the right note." Oh puh-leeeeease. Anyone who knows you knows this AIN'T THE TRUTH! I wish I was that crumb (of some healthy food) in between the crack of your seat to hear you belting in your car! You must've meant, "Don't I sound good hitting the right notes?" There, I have edited it. No copyright you can take it.