December 2, 2013

Fighting Back

Let me tell you something:

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

I am a Christian. I love God and believe His Word. My walk is far from perfect but I really do love Him and am striving to be like Him. As a result of this, the enemy will throw any darts/attacks to throw me off guard. I have been blogging consistently for a little while now and was getting into a groove when a spiritual attack was sent my way. It's been a little over a month since my family and I have been going through an extremely challenging situation. While having supportive family and friends is an awesome comfort, I need to be intentional about resting in Christ with absolutely no anxiety, worry or fear about the future.

Because of the nature of the situation, I was tempted not to blog anymore. I was concerned because there have been quite of few slanderous accusations and I wasn't sure what to do. I had been praying and crying about it for a while and it hit me this weekend.

NEVER stop living in your God-given purpose because the road gets rough. If God gives you a calling/purpose to fulfill, He WILL give you provision and protection for the journey. Never back down due to fear or doubt. The perfect love of God casts out all fear. How can I profess to be a Christian if I don't walk in that truth? I will continue to blog about Christ, love, and the little hobbies I enjoy. Christ is the light of my life and He is worthy of all praise.

Kari Jobe has a song that says "every secret, every shame, every fear and every pain live inside the dark and that's not who we are. We are children of the day." I see God's hand in my life simply because I've chosen Him. When you make the intentional decision to chose Christ, truth will prevail and you won't be afraid of being put in a spotlight. Light encourages accountability, transparency and walking in truth. I'm not the first person the enemy has tried to attack and I won't be the last.

So, the road may get rough but know that God is on your side no matter what you're going through. I'm excited about continuing this blogging journey and will fight ferociously for Christ to shine in my life! I'm grateful. I believe God. I anticipate His blessings, miracles, and healing. And I look forward to connecting with all of you.

God bless you as we dream something up together!


  1. Danielle!! First of all I am so glad you are back at it! You're daily thoughts are an inspiration to me, kind of like a devotional of sorts and they inspire me to be a better Christian and steward. To me, you show a Job-like faith and hearing about your struggles, triumphs, and praise reports have helped to strengthen my faith! I've told you this before and I'll tell you it again and again, THANK YOU!! Please continue to journey on and share because it has changed this girls life :)

    1. Kenda, you've always been such a great support & encourager of my posts. I praise God that it reaches you and is strengthening your faith. You are an inspiration to me more than you know. Thank you so much for reading. I pray that God can bless you more than you have blessed me with so much encouragement.

  2. "NEVER stop living in your God-given purpose because the road gets rough." That is the sum of the matter...except, how do you know what your God-given purpose is? Really, how did you come to that realization? Do you have only one? Have you posted on this already? If not, can you?
    Also, I continue to lift you and the family up in prayer; the perfect love of God does indeed cast out all fear.

    1. Now Jermey, you know I could write a billion posts on each question! You know that right? Lol! I love it! This is something I will dig deeper into because I really really enjoy learning more about purpose and how to fulfill God's perfect will in our lives. This is something I planned on tackling on the blog but now I'll need to do it much sooner than later. Thanks for the charge!
      Here are my short answers:
      I think God gives us all assignments. Our ultimate purpose is to bring God glory and reflect Him. I do believe that seasons can bring change to our earthly assignments/purposes. However, I believe that when it starts as something you'd like to "try", and morphs into something that your soul is crying out to do and God gives you confirmation about it, it's probably your purpose. No, I think you can have more than one purpose. That's a juicy question I've never heard a definitive answer to so I'll def. come back to that. Good questions & thank you so much for the prayers. I really appreciate it. :-)

  3. So let me tell you how this has been my fight in life. God has had me in a place where He is letting me watch the enemy form weapons of all kinds against me and then having me to watch Him defeat every one of the enemies demises. Sometimes God literally lets things fall into chaos so that He can prove that His word never fails. And on top of that He won't give me any excuses to slack off or let up. He keeps telling me that if I sincerely trust Him to fight my battles then I will operate as if He going to do so. This blog was so timely! Thanks so much Danielle for allowing God to use you as a vessel! I'm still in prayer over you and your family! Blessings!

    1. So I totally would post this as a blog comment as a post and call it a day. Lol! Thank you for that reinforcement, Jarrett! Keep pushing bro. It's the only thing we can do. Be faithful and don't be weary in well-doing. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings to you and your fam too!