October 16, 2013

Christian Living: Let go and Let God!

Oftentimes in our Christian walk of faith, we hear the cliche colloquialisms: 

1. God is good...all the time...and all the time...God is good.
2. God's got it. 
3. I'm blessed and highly favored. 
4. Show up and show out!
5. Let go and Let God. 

Because these statements are repeated so often, it can be easy to miss the fact that these are powerful truths. I woke up early one morning feeling completely stressed out about a whole bunch of things. There were so many concerns floating around in my head and I literally had to call out to God and tell Him to take them out of my head. As I drove to work, I told God I was letting go. I told God that I wasn't going to concern myself with the worries. I was going to do all I could do and leave the rest to Him. A couple minutes later, I received a text that was an immediate answer to one of my prayers. I couldn't believe it but at the same time, I could. I loved how God was trying to show me to lean on Him for everything and literally let go. As soon as I made the mental decision to stop stressing, God took over and did something powerful for me. God can order our steps if we let Him. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of times, we don't truly trust God to supply everything we need. We don't trust that He can do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask, think, or imagine in our lives. We read about it in the Bible. We hear about in sermons. We hear the testimonies of friends and family members. We might've even see it in our own lives in the past but to believe that God can show up and show out again in our favor...? That has some of us in a nervous place. We add nothing to our lives by stressing and worrying. What would life look like if you decided to truly let go of your worries and anxieties? I'd strongly encourage you to let go. God is waiting to be all you need and more. 

Here's another cliche colloquialism for you: 

Trust God. 

God bless you. 

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