October 15, 2013

Christian Living: Functioning in the Dysfunction

Recently, my cousin brought up a really thought-provoking concept that I haven't been able to shake since he said it. This happened a couple weeks ago but it was incredibly poignant for me. Allow me to explain. 

Point of Consideration: People can know and be forewarned about impending disaster and choose not to do anything about because of what it could cost them. As a result,  they learn to work within the confines of the disaster when it arrives. He used the example of a cracked iPhone screen. If a screen protector and case are not applied to the phone, if the phone drops, the screen will more than likely shatter because it is made of glass.  Because Apple repairs can be very costly, based on how badly the screen is shattered, people will still try and use the screen. They will learn to work within the confines of a bad situation because it is temporarily convenient. 

As I sat there and listened, I had a cracked screen on my iPhone. It's the second time I've cracked my screen within six months. This time is not nearly as bad as the first time. The first time I cracked the screen, I really did get it fixed as soon as possible because the phone was shattered. This time, the crack is barely noticeable to be honest. But, there was a lesson there for me...and I'm hoping someone can get something out of this too. 

Lesson: A lot of times, we can get so comfortable in dysfunctional situations because of laziness. It takes work, time, effort, skill, money, etc. to change a problem. Too often, people are lazy and decide "no, i'm going to hold off that repair until later." When they check back later, the lack of urgency made problem even bigger and the work becomes even more consuming. If there's something you can do about your dysfunction now, do it. Create a plan to conquer whatever problems you have. The longer you sit on your issues, the longer you live in dysfunction. I don't care what anyone says. You do not have to live with dysfunction as your reality. Do it right the first time and take care of business. You'll be glad you did. 

God bless you. 

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