October 14, 2013

Christian Living: Nothing is Impossible

Luke 1:37 reminds us that nothing is impossible with God. In Luke 1, Elizabeth and Mary receive the news that they will be giving birth to amazing men. Elizabeth, who gave birth to John the Baptist, was old and barren. However, the Holy Spirit opened up her womb and blessed her with an incredible son. Mary, who have birth to Jesus Christ himself, was an engaged virgin when the Holy Spirit planted Jesus in her womb. Both situations were impossible by human standards but in this chapter, God reminds us that ALL things are possible.

It's interesting to note the encounter between the angel Gabriel and Zechariah. When Gabriel told Zechariah that Elizabeth was going to have a son in her old age, Zechariah questioned Gabriel. He asked him how he was supposed to believe such a thing. The angel Gabriel then told him that since he didn't believe, Zechariah would not be allowed to talk about the pregnancy until the son's birth.

Now if you've had a child before, you know the excitement that comes along with it. Your life becomes consumed with all things baby related. It's all you can talk about and share with friends, family, strangers, social media, etc. So you can imagine how difficult it must have been to mute during your wife's pregnancy. Well, that was the plight of Zechariah, the unbeliever.

On one hand, you really do want to give Zechariah a break. He had valid points as to why it would be hard to believe that he'd never have a son. However, when the angel Gabriel came and spoke it into his life, he should've believed right then and there. It makes me wonder how often have I questioned God and as a result received a punishment based on my unbelief. I can't dwell on that but I do believe that God takes it personally when we doubt Him. He has given His word which is FULL of His promises. He sent His ONLY son to die for our sins. He has shown His love to us countless times and yet still we can't even believe Him to provide the desires of our hearts. Shame on us.

Let this post serve as a heart check. Make it a practice to believe God at His word. The longer we meditate on His promises and focus on what He is doing in our lives, the less time we have to doubt Him. We mainly doubt because we don't know Him like we should. Cling to Jesus Christ in your moments of weakness, vulnerability and unbelief. He WILL show up and show out every time.

God bless you.