October 11, 2013

A Beautiful Struggle

**Note: I wrote this on Wednesday December 3, 2008 and I figured it would be really nice to share! This was written just a few months after graduation from Oakwood and I was living in Atlanta. 

A Beautiful Struggle
You know how some people have what seems like "instant success"? It's like they get the right grades, get the right degrees, get the right jobs within two wks. of graduation, get the right cars, get the right houses, get the right salaries, get the right ladder to climb up on....( you catch my drift?) It's the type of person where, yes, God is definitely working in their life and you can look at their life and say "Man, I need to get prayed up because whatever they're doing, I need to petition the father to encourage me to do!" LOL.
But, that's not everyone's story! :)
And it's definitely not mine!!!!

But, I'm at the point where I praise God for that! Praise God what He's doing in the lives of others' but, what I have is for me and I can't miss that! So many times, we tend to look so much at what other people have and ask God for what they have so that we can compete, feel better about ourselves, feel validated, whatever. But, we're insatiable as human beings. We're never satisfied. Once we get one thing, we're already looking at what's next as opposed to what's in front of us.

I'm jumping around. Let me make my point and go back to work! LOL.
My point is this: sometimes, God allows us to struggle so that we can see the beauty in living life and achieving goals. If we never had it hard, how could we possibly appreciate an easy-going life...or moment even; and savor/enjoy it to the fullest?

I lost my phone charger on Sunday and was feeling really out of sorts with a dead phone. The MARTA (bus) system in Atlanta isn't the greatest and so I had to take 3 buses to go literally what would have taken 5 minutes driving (but 2 hours walking in the cold...I tried that once, no fun!). I got there and then Goodwill was right behind the store so I also stopped in Goodwill. While there, I saw the cutest picture in a frame. It was a woman at the beach with a parasol and something about it was so cool to me.So I bought it. It was funny because just as I grabbed it, a man behind voiced his disappointment saying had I not grabbed it, he would've taken that picture home! I smiled because I couldn't leave that girl in the frame behind. Mind you, I still had to take the bus home and the picture was almost half the size of me! So, I asked the people at the front if I could buy the picture and come back later to pick it up when I would have a car....they said no. So, in order to have the beautiful picture, I'd have to endure what ended up being a three hour trip with that large frame in 30 degree weather.
As I stood underneath the last bus stop, I looked around: no street lights, the waffle house lights were in the distance but honestly, if I was raped, I couldn't even be mad because I was a female on a long highway alone, unarmed. Then across the street, a man paced up and down the street and for sure, I knew my life was over because he would take advantage of me. But, when the last bus finally arrived, he walked away. I think God sent him to stand as a watchguard for others. :)

But, back to the point.
When I walked inside my house at 12 midnight, I had gone through all types of emotions. But once I got ready for bed, I propped up my picture and quickly got under the covers and just stared at it and smiled! I could look at the picture and appreciate what I'd gone through to bring it back with me. There's a story behind that picture and even though you may not find it attractive, to me, it's one of the most beautiful pieces of art in the world simply because the girl in the picture reminded me of something I'd forgotten: I'm supposed to live a life with beautiful struggles. Not to break me down, but to allow me appreciate the goodness of God and live each day with gratitude in my heart.

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