October 8, 2013

Christian Living: Sermon Notes

I am someone who loves to take notes when listening to a sermon, podcast, etc. I was going through some of my notes on my phone and I found this message that my pastor shared in June of 2012. This was such an encouraging and timely message then and it still is now. I figured I'd share the brilliance with my readers! Enjoy! I hope it is as much of a blessing to you as it's been to me. God bless you! 

6 Steps to Becoming a Confident Christian- Pastor Brenda Billingy

1. Be certain that God loves you. Receive God's love. God will send people who love you. Focus on the ones who love you. Accept the people God brings into your circle. Love them and break the cycle of negativity. 

2. A confident christian refuses to live in fear. Perfect love cast out fear. 1st John 4:18. 

3. A confident christian thinks and speaks positively. Confidence and positivity is a choice. Let the poor say I am rich in Christ Jesus!

4. A confident christian recovers from setbacks. Look to the hills from whence cometh your help. Pray with expectancy Take off the "if only". Press toward the mark of the high calling! 

5. A confident christian avoids comparisons. stop it. It will kill your confidence. Be the best you can be. God does not make mistakes. Accept your differences. Count YOUR (not your neighbor's) blessings. God will help you become a better you. Psalm 139.

6. Take action and give it to God. What you have may not seem like much, but God will do something amazing with it if you give it to him. It will not come when he takes you or breaks you (think of taking/breaking the bread at Communion). It will come when he blesses you. Deut. 28. 

When you pray it won't be about you anymore. When you pray God's promises, you will have powere. Memorize scriptural promises. 

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