October 9, 2013

Christian Living: God Cares About the Little Things

Today was a pretty rainy day. Once I left work, I decided to take the long route home. Since I've been increasingly inspired by HGTV, I decided to stop by a furniture store that I always see from the road but never stop in. 

After a quick walk-around, the store didn't inspire me as much I thought it would so I kept moving. As I continued to drive, I ended up seeing The Salvation Army store. I went into this particular location a couple years ago and was sorely underwhelmed. However, that was a couple years ago and things could've changed. I figured I'd stop in and see what was new. Man, was I in for a real treat!!

There were so many great pieces of furniture that were dying for an update and makeover. I had to restrain myself from purchasing this incredible mirror. I have absolutely no use for it now and can't stand hoarding so I decided to let it go. However, I did pick up three fantastically awesome fitting sweaters!! I really do need winter clothes. I'm not just saying that because girls like to shop. I actually am in need.  The blessing was that everything is half-off on Wednesdays so I bought three beautiful, flattering, great- quality sweaters for $9.02 total! What a deal! I really do love how God cares about the simple things. Only God knew that I was struggling to find winter clothes that were in my budget and fit really well. Only God knew that I was trying to wear out all my summer clothes until the last minute. Now, I have three new really pretty sweaters to wear AND I know where to go on Wednesdays in order to get some more! 
Think about someone you love dearly. Don't you want to do everything in your power to make sure all their wants and needs are fulfilled? God is like that towards us but multiplied by infinity. The depth of His love isn't based in the mere material things. His love is an eternal kind of love. Our mere mortal minds can't truly comprehend it but know this: the thoughts God thinks towards us are really really good thoughts. He wants the best for us even in the things we think are simple or insignificant. He cares. He really does care. 

I'm grateful for a God who cares about the simple things! Aren't you? 

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