October 7, 2013

Christian Living: Character Buildings

A little background: House Hunters Renovation is a show that airs on HGTV. Each episode is based around people who are looking to buy a home. The potential buyers choose between 3 homes that need some renovating. Once they purchase the home, the cameras document the renovation project. It's quite interesting because I love to see makeover segments. The transformations are usually incredible! FYI: You can purchase the episodes you've missed on iTunes! 

I recently watched an episode of House Hunters Renovation. 30 Rock actor Keith Powell and his visual artist girlfriend, Jill Knox purchase a beautiful home in Los Angeles and decide to tackle the kitchen as the first renovation project. I loved their home because it had so much character. I even reached out to them on Twitter to tell them! Keith actually responded! Cool, uh? The house was an older building. Older buildings usually tell lovely stories. This home was a great canvas to facilitate the dream the couple was really looking for in a home. 

In order for a home to have character, it must have a story. It must have quirks. It must have interesting details, curves, shapes, bends and scars. A lot of times, there are areas where renovation needs to take place. A negligent owner tries to avoid renovations because they are often costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. A sensible owner understands the value in a good renovation and how it can greatly increase the home's value as well as the overall living experience.  I've ALWAYS said that I'd love to purchase a home with tons of character. I understand that renovation projects can be pricey so I will be sure to budget for what I want. 

As much as I want a home with character, I also desire to have a life filled with character. God gives us plenty of character-building opportunities to grow, shape, renovate and improve the value of our lives here on Earth and eventually, in the Earth made new. Don't dismiss the renovating project God may be doing in your life. No, it probably won't be convenient or feel good. Yes, it will be costly. However the value you'll get out of it far exceeds the costs. 

After all, a home imprinted with character is temporary. 
A heart imprinted with God's character lasts forever. 

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