October 4, 2013

Christian Living: Believe.

I was recently in conversation with a friend. We were talking about deeply rooted beliefs that we learned through church, school, home and popular culture. We also talked about popular quotes that we often mistook for scripture. 

"By beholding, we become changed."

Granted I wasn't able to say where in the Bible that verse was but I whole heartedly believed it was there. Imagine my horror when my friend shared that it was a quote by Ellen G. White (one of the pioneering members of the Seventh-Day Adventist church).  

How could this be? 
I believed something was true so I couldn't fathom the possibility of it being false. 
It got me to thinking. What else am I completely ignorant about? 
It's not to say you'll get to a place where you'll learn everything about life. That won't happen. There are never-ending ways to learn new information. Understand that life is a not a place you get to. Life is more of a journey. Make it a sweet journey of "aha" moments and soliloquies of wonderment. 
You'll never arrive.  Just be open to be present. Operate with an open heart and open mind to mysteries that God, in time, reveals that will mold you into a more perfect creature. Be ready to believe. 

God bless you!


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