October 3, 2013

Christian Living: Share.

I decided not to share my blog on my social networks this week. 
I didn't want to. 
I decided that I'd much rather write and whoever stumbled upon it would find it. 
Cool, if that's your thing. 
It's not my thing. 

I hope this will resonate with someone who may, like me, be afraid to self-promote their unique brand: 
Put your best work into the world. 
Share whatever God has placed on your heart to share. 
Share boldly and selflessly.
Give with a heart that is full of excitement about what you have to offer.
There are people who need your message. 

If you're a talented artist, a loving listener who also gives sound advice, a savvy administrator, a compassionate speaker; whatever God has given you to share, please do.
There is someone out there who needs your light so that they can be strengthened to shine their own light. Be the catalyst in your microcosm that decides to be great because their birth implies the charge to do so. 

Share. Connect. Believe. Inspire. Grow. 

It's in you to do so. 

God bless you.

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