August 29, 2013

What To Do

One of my close sister friends and I try to pray once a week with one another. We started doing this at the beginning of the year and even though we may miss each other some weeks, we have tried to touch base and keep one another in prayer on a regular basis. This past week, I asked for prayer when it comes to my relationships with others. I was deeply in need of clarity. I felt mistreated by people in my life and usually I look within first to see if it was something I could've said or did to hurt them. If so, I would have to go and apologize.  If not, there's usually some confusion. Hence, why I needed prayer. It can be really hard when you confront people about any misperception or confusion and they deny it. But you know there's been a shift. I was needing prayer on how to move forward and so that was one of my main prayer requests.

The very next day, I received a text from a friend. 

I'm really grateful for this. It clicked in such a different way for me and it is self-explanatory. Now even though it is self-explanatory, there was still something in my heart that wondered what I need to do if people ask about why I'm this way and not that way or accuse me of being a bad person because of blah blah blah. The answer came back as clearly as the questions went out: 

Never try to change the minds of those who have already made up their mind about you. 

...and that is all :) 

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