August 30, 2013

Love What You Do!

So, I've always been told that when you love what you do and work hard at it, the money will come to you. I've seen that happen many times in the past with many people I know. It would happen on occasion for me but I occasionally put effort into the things I truly love to do. Sad, right?
Most of the world does the same thing unfortunately. 

However, that's not what this post is about. So, I was coming up with ideas for blog content. I never really have a hard time doing that. I can come up with plenty of ideas with no problem. So, when I was coming up with the content, I started to think about ways to put more money into my ideas without breaking the bank. I have plenty of projects I want to work on and share but projects aren't free. I was thinking about how I wish I was making more with the writing career and how I'd love to freely spend now. But, I made up in my mind that I would make up a plan to get there and execute it.  THEN....I remembered I had an Adsense account. I started an Adsense account when I started this blog a few years ago. I must've created the account and forgot all about it because when I say I NEVER checked it, I'm not kidding! So I logged into the Adsense account this morning and lo and behold, I made some money over the past couple years!!! I couldn't believe it! Granted, it's not "let's retire and move to Maui" money but it's still exciting to see cash that I can use to make my blog better! 

So I guess it's true! When you do what you love and work hard at it, the money will come to you! 

Have a great weekend!!!

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