September 3, 2013

The Quest to Be Beautiful

I am a freelance writer. It's one of those fields where you have to create your own job. There's a lot of hustle involved. With a hustle, paychecks may not always be steady. As a result, I have a few side gigs. One of my favorite side-jobs is being a nanny. I love learning how to facilitate the needs of children. It's  really awesome how much God teaches me through my interaction with them as well.

After spending the day at one of my nanny jobs, I came home and ran into my dad walking toward his car. He stopped to look at me. He then told me that it looked like I had a rough day. Sure, I was on my feet more than usual. Even though I had a great day, I was extremely tired. I then went inside and looked in the mirror. I looked like it had been a horribly rough day.  My hair was in a disheveled afro puff on the top of my head. My eyebrows needed some shaping. I was in desperate need of a facial, manicure and pedicure. And the wardrobe had accents of baby ravioli all over.

While it isn't necessary to be top model ready upon leaving the house, it is important to put effort into the way we present ourselves. We can honor God even in our physical appearance! Even if you don't have much money and you're trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents, I'm there with you and we can still make it work! Here are some tips:

1. Learn how to do your own manicure and pedicure.
- It may take some practice to get a steady hand but it is possible. You can purchase fantastic nail polishes at your local beauty supply store for under $2 and nail polish remover is $1 at the dollar store. There are way too many Youtube tutorials out there not to be able to figure it out at home!

2. Learn the simple hair styles.
- For me, a twist out is not a simple style. It's easy but it takes a bit of work and it can easily go south. However, a bun is simple, elegant and no-fuss. Learn what hairstyles are easiest for your hair and work with those.

3. Create a routine.
- For example, once you put the baby down on Monday nights, it's "me" time. Do a simple DIY facial with inexpensive products you can find in the kitchen (lemons, bananas, yogurt, apple cider vinegar). Wednesday nights could be mani/pedi night. If you make a schedule and commit to sticking to it, you'll not only look better but you'll feel better as well.

I've inserted some of my favorite Youtube Tutorials & article links for different beauty regimens. Check them out. Some are more involved than others. You don't have to do them verbatim but if there's anything you like, try it out and customize it for yourself!

1. Smooth Heels (If you're a dancer like me, you already know the struggle! :)
2. Natural Beauty Remedies  (Great compilation list)
3. Problem Skin Remedies

Ambrosia is one of my favorite vloggers. Subscribe to her channel and check out more of her beauty tricks!

Shanel Cooper-Sykes is a teacher to the core. Her regimen is a little more than I can honestly commit to but I do think it's fantastic for those who can put in the time. Check both videos and see what works for you! :)

I'm going to do better! And I'm challenging YOU to do the same!!! We can do it, ladies!!!

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