August 23, 2013

Nothing Is Impossible For You

Can you believe it?! It's Friday already!!! I've had a blast back in the blogosphere this week! Thank you for joining me on my first week back! I have so much to share to keep checking in! You don't want to miss anything!!

A couple days ago, I shared that I joined a 21 day soul detox. When I signed up to join the challenge, I didn't realize that I was also signing up to join the contest! Two days ago, I got an email from Ashley saying that I was one of the winners!!! How exciting!!! I'm thrilled! I look forward to receiving my gifts and looking forward to see what God continues to do through this awesome 21 day journey! For more information, please check out Ashley's instructions and information here

As previously mentioned, I've been incorporating music into my devotionals as a part of the detox challenge. My theme song for the challenge is "Healer". I am mainly listening to the Kari Jobe version live. The words are so powerful. Some of my favorite lines are:

1. You walk with me through fire.
2. Nothing is impossible for you. 
3. You're more than enough for me!
4. Jesus you're all I need!

To some this may seem super elementary but I'd like to challenge you for a second!

Do you believe those words? 

It's one thing to say that you know God is with you but do you believe it? Or do you constantly feel a pang of  fear, loneliness, desperation and anxiety? God is love and his love is perfect. Perfect love casts away all fear. When we cast ALL our cares on Him, a sense of peace and calm should come. You can't surrender the burdens to God and then go back and pick them up because devotion time is over. A walk of faith is a moment by moment thing. Faith doesn't just show up when you're in church praising God or when you say your grace before you eat. Faith needs to be exercised constantly. I believe it's a discipline or a muscle that needs to be exercised and strength! Have faith and the strength to let it all go and rest in what He can do!

Believe God today! He can do the impossible!
God bless you!

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