August 21, 2013

Who are YOU listening to?!

I'm so excited to be a part of an amazing 21 day soul detox. Ashley Joy is an incredible blogger that I recently found on Instagram. She's currently leading the soul detox. For more information, I'll have her link at the bottom of this post!

I usually try to make sure I get my time in with God on a daily basis but I usually have the following routine: 
1. Devotional Thought
2. Bible reading
3. Gratitude Journal
4. Prayer 
The End :)

However, with the detox plan, different suggestions are encouraged such as prayer walks and listening to music. So anyone who know me well KNOWS how much I love music. Oddly enough, I've never thought to actually incorporate it into my personal devotion time. So music has been the new addition to my devotion and when I say that it's so powerful, I'm not kidding. Music really does help to set the tone and bring me into a place of gratitude and humility while coming before the King. It's really been an humbling experience. 

I only listen to 1-2 songs before I start and so far, here's the few songs that have made the playlist for the week: 

1. Kari Jobe- O the Blood  (can easily bring me to tears. so powerful!)
2. Kari Jobe- Healer ( There's a Kari Jobe trend going on. can't help it though! I love her!)

I'm sure the list will grow as time goes on but that song "Healer" is obviously pretty crucial for me right now. Listen to songs that speak to your current situation and promises that you are desperate for God to keep. I'm grateful for this experience. Many thanks to Ashley Joy for leading this detox. I'm grateful for what it's already doing for me. God bless you sis!

Click here to check out her information and check out my vlog below! :) 

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