March 30, 2011

Motivation & Inspiration: The Journey To A Healthier You Experiment

The transition from "eating pretty well" to "consciously seeking optimal health" is what I have learned to consider an extremely creative process.  The transition has been incredibly crucial for me considering the circumstances I'm in and since I've adopted that mindset, it's been an enjoyable process as well. 

Now, let's rewind just a little bit and talk about the circumstances: 

A.  I've struggled with the symptoms of PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome for over 7 years. Notice I say symptoms because I have never been diagnosed. I've had several health professionals tell me (off the record) that PCOS is what I've been dealing with but no official diagnosis. Why? With an official diagnosis comes medication and I've taking that route before and am still in the same space. So, I've decided to try something else. 

B.  I am like any other girl. Sure, I'd like to get back into my cute size 2 dresses in the front of my closet. It would be cool to have Michelle Obama arms but I don't loathe myself one bit. I don't look in the mirror and think, "Gosh, I'm so fat and I need to lose the weight asap." I was that way at one point so I know the difference in how I felt then and how I feel know. I've realized that looks really aren't a motivator for me anymore because I like me the way I am now. 

C.  However, I'm a cheapskate. Because I know I need to lose the weight, I don't want to buy clothes that fit me now because they'll be a waste a couple months down the road because I won't be able to use them. So I get upset when it's time to get ready for church and I have nothing that fits. It's an awful cycle but I can't help it! :)

So I've decided that there are so many avenues that I can take on my own to fix every symptom at it's core. It's been an incredibly introspective experience that has given me strength, courage, and wisdom :)
So as long as I'm alive and kicking, I'll always be searching for ways to achieve optimal health. In this case, it's truly isn't about reaching a goal but about enjoying the journey. 

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