March 29, 2011

Hair-ful Expectations


Ever since I made a conscious decision to start laying off the heat and experiment with more natural styles in April 2010, I've been having a ball learning what my hair can do. This natural hair movement is great because it's given me the courage to wear an afro and not look totally strange because everyone else is doing it too! I was feeling kind of  insecure about wearing an afro even just last summer. Big hair is a bit daunting. But hey,  it's a journey. It's takes a while to to see something as beautiful when for so long, you've been trained to believe it wasn't acceptable, beautiful, professional, etc. But Thank God for a new mindset and a new movement!  There is strength in numbers :) This look was a twist out that I really loved. I did it on wet hair hence the shrinkage. I don't believe I used any products either.  I also was playing with my purple cream eye liner which was fun! :)

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