September 12, 2013

***the stuff of dreams***

Anytime I learn something new and I'm excited about it, I always want to spread the news! I do it on all of my social media channels so I figured it would be a nice idea to make it a component of my blog as well! It only makes sense! So, you can expect this from me every Thursday!

This week, I will be sharing the blogs of two beautiful ladies with amazing blogs & equally amazing messages of hope and encouragement to share! Today it's R & R!!! 

Rebecca & Rachel 

1. Rebecca "Bee" Overton: 

What a beautiful soul! Bee is an incredible make up artist, musician, wife, mother, the list goes on and on. She doesn't know this (until now) but from time to time, my younger sister and I would just marvel at her journey. My sister had the opportunity to interact with her a lot more than I did while in college. But we've both watched her journey. To see her start as a girl in college trying to find her way  and blossom into a mother/wife/career woman with a vision, plan and countless accomplishments has been nothing short of beautiful to witness. I read this post this week and my jaw was on the floor. If this doesn't inspire you to persevere, I don't know what will. Please read her story and follow her blog. She's truly an inspiration!

2. Rachel Lemons-

We went to the same college but just as different times. As a result, I never had the opportunity to meet her. Recently, one of my best friends insisted that I check out her blog. She was surprised that I hadn't heard of it already and then directed me to read her beautiful love story with a special guy named Peter! She even sent me the link to read. When I clicked the link, I immediately noticed that the story had 13 parts to it. I figured I'd read the first part and call it a day. Boy was I wrong!! I literally sat up and finished the entire 13 parts of How Rachel Met Peter at 2 am! I did it in one sitting. I also watched her vlogs where she shares more about Christ as well as her book, Fish Food! This is another blog you don't want to miss!! Please check her out and follow her story! She's incredible!! 

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