September 9, 2013

Christian Living: You Are Not Invincible


You are not invincible. 

I was driving home this weekend and while in the car, I could literally FEEL the sick bug hit me. By the time I pulled up to my house, I had a full-fledged sore throat. I mentally decided that I was bigger than any sore throat and it would NOT overtake me. I tried to drink tons of fluids and take an ibu profin before bed to help with the pain. When I woke up the next morning, I was in straight flu mode. I was pretty upset about it. I had a to-do list and nursing myself back to health was not on it. Even though I needed rest, I tossed and turned because I kept thinking of everything I needed to do. Eventually, I got up and tried to get some work done. Ironically, everything I worked on turned out to be a mess. I tried to talk to people on the phone (even a book club meetup via phone) but I was so drugged up from the medicine that I'm SURE I didn't add any value to any of the conversations. 

Then, it hit me. 

D, you are doing too much. 
Stop. Rest. Pull Yourself Together. 

I had good intentions with the work I wanted to do. I had a laundry list of good purposeful work. However, my body was sick and I needed to stop and take care of it. There are people who work through sick days. I understand the reasoning behind it. You don't want to miss a day of pay. Okay, sure. However, is it worth prolonging the sickness and putting your body under a ton of pressure? Is it worth infecting the people around you? 

Even on a more serious note, what about your spiritual life? There are so many of us who are eager. We want to help people know about Christ. We want to share His love and tell others about this amazing man. So we get involved in church. We take part in tons of ministries. But then we get so overwhelmed with the fact that we can't be ten places at once and we wind up being ineffective. This has happened to me so I am not speaking from a place of total ignorance. 

So what is the solution?

Don't bite off more than you can chew. 
Seriously, be honest with yourself about what you can realistically commit to BY YOURSELF and then execute it. If you feel like you need a team and you don't have one, move forward with what you can do by yourself. People will be willing to assist in helping you achieve a goal/vision if they see that you are committed and sensible. 

Commit to what you can do. You are not superman. You are a mere mortal that God gives breath and life to. Don't take it for granted. Being sick helped me realize that. A ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. I'm in cure mode when I could've and should've taken preventative measures. Don't let life teach you this lesson in cure mode. 

Do what only you can do and watch God work. 

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