September 12, 2011

Chef Boyar-DANI: Virgin Pina Colada

 Fruity drinks and vacations go hand in hand. So of course, I ordered a couple pina coladas (my favorite fruity drink of them all).  One of the best pina coladas I've ever tasted was on a little island in Honduras called Isla Roatan at this cute little restaurant right on the water called Lighthouse Cafe. The food was also excellent and the owner/cook was the nicest! I didn't get the exact recipe for the drink but one of the waiters shared that he puts grenadine and coconut cream in his. So I found this recipe with those ingredients. Hopefully, when I make my own, it will teleport me back to sweet Isla Roatan! :)

48 oz. fresh pineapple juice

45 oz. coconut cream

15 oz. of pineapple

crushed ice

splash (or more) of grenadine

1 comment:

  1. this bad boy was sooooo good! when i tasted Dani's i had to get one myself even though i had already ordered a lemonade! Thanks for posting this recipe! i will make this for myself!