February 19, 2013

Twists, Ties, Protective Styles- Oh My!

When dealing with natural hair, one of the tips that I've learned is that moisture is ESSENTIAL. Many of you may say, "Duh! I knew that!" Sure! But how many of you actually implement that into your DAILY routine? When I first moved back to Maryland from Atlanta, I found that my hair was super dry. I even went to a hair dresser and she couldn't stop talking about how dry my hair was. Her recommendation was to deep condition with heat. So I started to deep condition with a heated bonnet on a weekly basis. It's def. helped. However, I've found that the daily routine of moisturizing and sealing has proven to be beneficial in terms of keeping my hair soft, nice and moisturized. So what's the process? I'm so glad you asked! :)

1. I moisturize my hair with a water-based moisturizer. It's okay to just use water too. I switch between water, African Pride Braid spray, and a homemade aloe vera mix. The key is to make sure the hair gets some type of water in it. 

2. I also use a leave-in moisturizer after I put int a water-based mix. I really like the leave-in conditioner by African Pride. It's on the watery side and I prefer it because it's not super heavy. 

3. I seal my hair and pay close attention to the ends. I usually seal the hair with Vatika Coconut Oil. It's my absolute favorite. It's infused with a bunch of aryuvedic herbs and I really love it. I buy it at my local Indian grocer but I'm sure you can also buy it online. 

4. Once I finish sealing, my hair is usually twisted into 8 large twists. I have been wearing a lot of twist-outs lately so to style them, I've been using a little bit of Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie mixed with Eco Styler gel. I really like that combo. However, if you want to be a good naturalista, you might want to wear more protective styles like twists. Twists really keep the ends protected and can really help keep the moisture in. Protective styles are also key for length retention. Here are a few pics below with the products in addition to one of my protective styles :) 


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