August 8, 2012

A Flowery Hello to August & 2012!!

Who would've guessed that my very first post for the new year would be on Aug.8th? We're more than halfway finished with 2012 and I'm just now gettting around to this blog!!! What can I say? SMH.
2012 has definitely been interesting and fun. It's a shame that the first seven months weren't documented but hey, you live and learn! So...Happy New Year and Happy August!!! :)

There were a few challenges that I gave myself this year and one of them was to make sure that I have fresh flowers in my apartment once a month. I got the idea from this article in Apartment Therapy (one of my favorite shelter blogs). I LOVE flowers. I don't know why I didn't put them on my grocery list in the past. Ever since I changed that, my apartment has been a happier place!

Last night, I picked up a small bunch of hydrangeas and a bouquet of orange roses. I separated the hydrangeas and put one stem in the bathroom and the other on my desk. I LOVE seeing flowers in different spots of my house. It really helps brighten the day! Yay for fresh pretty flowers.


  1. love this! i need to add it to my list again!

  2. Aww! Having flowers around the house is awesome :) I once got hyacinths for my living room and the scent was AMAZING! I recommend them. Keep writing please ma'am :)