October 3, 2011

mon{diy}day: me

Dear Jesus,

You're probably thinking, "Hmmm. That's odd. How is she going to d.i.y. herself?" I'm glad you asked.
Well, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weren't the greatest for me. Each night was fantastic (random) but the morning and afternoon were really tough on each day.  I've been pretty unsettled about a couple things that have happened to me personally and professionally. So I try to feed myself as many positive and encouraging words as possible when I'm down. I've been listening to sermons, talking to Holy Spirit-filled people, reading the Word and have been in constant communication with God. If you're going through a tough time in life, you may feel like you've got to "do it yourself" with your life. However, there is a Higher power greater than your own who is ready to help if you ask.  In the beginning of the weekend, I felt as if everything came down on me like a ton of bricks. Every issue, that I've been dealing with, reared it's extremely ugly head one by one as the weekend continued. I sank into the mindset that things would never change and that there was no reason for me to even try to change things. I told myself that even though I wanted to believe and trust God to do miracles in my life, I needed to understand that it probably wouldn't happen. As I talked to God, I expressed my disappointment and frustration. One of the sermons I had the opportunity to listen to was entitled "There is Hope For Your Future" by Pastor Rene Schlaepfer of Twin Lakes Church in Santa Cruz, California. I came across the video in a Google Search. I took down some notes to share from the sermon that really resonated with me.I'm a work in progress but this sermon encouraged me to get back up and start again. We get knocked down in life but you have to get back up and keep moving (even it means starting over). So below are the notes that I took as well as the vimeo link to one of the sermons I watched. I hope they serve as encouragement to you if you're going through a situation that feels unbearable. You can make it!

1. Refocus on God! Take time for the following steps:
    - Mourning:Expressing your hurt to God
    - Fasting: Focusing your heart to God
    - Praying: Asking for help from God

2. Risk a first step. 
    - After a crisis hits, we're naturally afraid to make a first move in fear of falling again. 
      Trust God and move forward. 

3. Ready myself for progress.
  - Imagine solutions.
 (Ex. People will ask what they can do to help. Be prepared with an answer)
  - Worry focuses on what you'll do if the answer is no. 
  - Faith focuses on what you'll do if the answer is yes. 

4. Review the problem.
  - It cuts the problem down to a manageable size.
  - It renews a sense of personal responsibility.
  - It helps me see the immediate need.

5. Request help. 

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